Monday, March 9, 2009

$12 for one
$22 for two
All inclusive of paddings and bottoms =)

BB-01- Swim wear material

Instock: 13&16

BB-02 Swim Wear Material (Metallic Colours)

Available Colours: Hot Pink, Gold,Turquoise , Black,White, Purple

BB-03 Cotton Material (Tie Back)

Available Colours: Red, Black, Yellow, White, Pink

BB-04 Cotton Material

Available Colours: Yellow, White, Blue, Orange, Grey, Red, Black and Pink

BB-05 Cotton Material
Available Colours: Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow
BB-06 Cotton Material
Available Colours: Turquoise, Beige, Green, Orange, Peach Pink, Black, Purple, Light Pink, Grey, White, Yellow, Dark Blue, Red

BB-07 Cotton Material (Clip on back)Available Colours: Black, White, Grey, Peach Pink, Yellow, Red, Light Pink, Turquoise, Purple, Orange, Green

BB-08 Cotton Material
Available Colours: Beige, Yellow, Light Pink, White, Purple, Light Blue, Green, Dark Blue, Black, Grey

BB-09 Cotton Material
Available Colours: Dark Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, Pink (1 instock), Magenta, Black, White, Grey , Blue

BB-10 Cotton MaterialAvailable Colours: Red, White, Black, Orange, Dark Blue, Yellow, Light Blue, Pink, Peach Pink, Grey, Purple, Green


BS02- Dark Metallic ColoursColours: Gold ,Silver, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Black, Bronze